The Romans Rap



The wrath of God is being revealed

You're there in the dock, the Fifth's been repealed

And 'cos all of mankind's without excuse

Kwik as a Fitter you're neck's in the noose


It's up in the air, it's down yo' street

It's around the corner and it's under yo' feet

So rap with me bro' don't just sit and nod

Pronounce to the people the Mercy of God


Now listen to me sunshine, thngs ain't too clever

You're given over by God, so it seems, for ever

But He's got a Plan, and you've got a Promise

(That means a lot more than one from Ken or Norris)


See, my man, here's the Plan, God does all that He can

It's a strategy for everyone

If you're a Gentile or a Jew, then this Plan is meant for you

God has sacrificed His one and only Son


How's it work? What d'ya do? How d'ya earn yo' reprieve?

Can you pay on an American Express?

No all you gotta do is have Faith and Believe

It's a formula for guaranteed success


So let's recap, think it over, let it seep into the brain

It'll hit you twice as hard as a runaway train

He's Boss, you dissed, said you didn't give

But He did, Jesus died, and now you can live


Think of love when you're bored on the Tube or bus

Think when we were still sinners Christ died for us

Spare a thought when you go to spend a penny

The gift of His grace overflows to many


Dead to Sin; Alive to God

In the eyes of the world it seems worse than odd

It looks like a illness or a allergy

But yo' the one, brother, who's broken free


Not under Law, but under Grace

All the fear is gone, love's in its place

God's Spirit has changed your inner being

With His holy will you're now agreeing


We shall suffer in this life for the gospel and our sin

But at the end of time - it's too big to take it in -

Even better than life in Number Ten or Eleven

Is glorification with Jesus in Heaven