The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25ff)

© RGAA SAT 04 NOV 00


Going to a city

Not a care in his head

A man was attacked

By a couple of neds


A knife in the ribs

A kick in the head

They took all his money

And left him for dead


As he lay wounded

Expecting to die

A Priest came along

And walked hastily by


A Levite came next

(A respectable man)

And left just as fast

As a gentleman can


No hope was there left

For the man in the dirt

About to expire

From the blood and the hurt


Then up came a man

Who wasn’t a Jew

Not only foreign –

Samaritan too!


He slowed to crawl

(Took his foot off the gas)

The donkey stopped dead

And he got off his ass


No pride held him back

He just wished the man’s health

Not a love of himself

As he gave of his wealth


Oil, wine, and bandages –

And fifty quid

No-one else cared

The Samaritan did


When he’d recovered

And managed a grin

Who is it he said

That his neighbour had been?