Burly Lassie

© 2001 RGAA London (TUE 28 AUG 01)



Itís the snack, the snack that loves to attack

Your cardiac


Such a large burger

Beckons you to take up some exercise

Look at your thighs


Golden butter to drip from your bap

Mind you donít let it fall in your lap

Itís a shame to waste the tiniest nibble

It would be a crime


To dribble Thorpeburger

Pretty girl, beware of the pleasant smell

That helps it sell


Vinaigrette you will pour on the bun

And the fries canít disguise what youíve done

For a lardy bloke knows what heís bitten

Itís the biggest rollÖ


In Britain - Thorpeburger

Svelte-like ones, beware of the bathroom scales

Youíll soon be whales

Because of Chef Thorpe

Michael Thorpe

We love Thorpe

We love Michael Thorpe

Michael Thorpe

We love Thorpe